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Roofing Contractors

The 4 Benefits of Subcontractors in the Roofing Industry

September 15, 2021 | 4 min. read

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subcontractorsYou’re looking to find a new roof. But your neighbor down the street just got one- and the results are not good. Unsatisfied with their experience, they’ve listed off all of the ways they were robbed of a new, beautiful roof. Among them are subcontractors, which leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. “What are subcontractors?” You ask, “and how are they involved in this?”

You may find that there is research supporting both sides of the story, as there are many opinions out there about subcontractors and the work they do. Some believe that subcontractors are ineffective, and they are skeptical that subcontractors can produce high-quality work. Others, particularly companies, find subcontractors to be useful.


It’s all a jumble of information with no clear result. Luckily for you, Rescue My Roof has a decade in the roofing industry, and we’ve seen it all. Here’s our verdict: we disagree with the naysayers. Subcontractors are useful- and if you are weighing the pros and cons of finding a contractor who uses subcontractors vs. in-house employees, here are 4 reasons why subcontractors are beneficial. 


The benefits of subcontractors: 

  1. They can get your roofing project done faster
  2.  They are specialized roofing expertise- without the added cost
  3. Quality work is done without raising the price
  4. Cost-efficient for both the company and the consumer

We’ve said it before: we disagree that subcontractors are bad. Because they can be inherently useful when used by a quality company. 

When you work with a company that may not have the best reviews or track records but also happens to use contractors, there is no doubt where people may place the blame: on the subcontractors. But in good hands, you can still receive a high-quality roof. 

Here are some of the reasons we know subcontractors are useful:


1. Get Your Dream Roof in a Fraction of the Time


Once the installation has begun on your roof, you may find the process can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. But to get to that point, you have to schedule the construction with the roofing company- and that can be the tricky part.


Depending on the size of the roofing company, those that use in-house employees may only be able to complete one roof at a time. Larger companies may be able to send out more crews at a time as compared to smaller companies that don’t have the manpower. Not being able to work on many roofs translates to an added wait time for you because companies may be booked out for up to a year. 


When a roofing company uses subcontractors, they often subcontract more than one company at once. Here at Rescue My Roof, we work with four different subcontractors. This means at any given time, we can be working on four roofs at once. Scheduling that initial appointment to begin construction won’t be such a hassle, and you’ll be able to get your roof done when you need it.


2. Subcontractors Have Specialized Expertise For Your Unique Roofing Needs


Showcases a complex roof
A perfect neighborhood. Houses in suburbs in Summer in North America. Top of a luxury house with a nice window over white clouds in the blue sky.

If you want a roof style that will stand out, you are going to need someone who is up to the task. It can be difficult to find a qualified professional without the use of subcontractors.


Companies that use in-house employees to complete all of their roofing jobs may not have anyone specialized in using different types of roof shingles such as asphalt fiberglass 3D,  solar shingles, or metal shingles. With subcontractors, you can handpick a company qualified to work in the field. Therefore giving you the polished roof you’re looking for.


If you are looking for a more unique roofing style to match your house aesthetic, a subcontractor may be right for you. 


3. Quality and Subcontractors: The Track Record Isn’t That Bad


One of the reasons so many question the use of subcontractors is because they worry they are not going to get the quality roof they are entitled to. They think subcontractors are only loyal to their parent company and will complete less than subpar work because there are no consequences.


We can’t speak for everyone, but often the quality is a lot higher than you would expect. Once again, you see that specialization comes into play. Subcontractors specialize in the work that you specifically request, unlike employees who would have to train on the job. That alone is going to increase the quality of the workmanship on your roof.


Additionally, while workmanship may vary slightly from subcontractor to subcontractor, the roofing company can set guidelines for what it needs to look like when it is complete. This can be done in a thorough, written subcontractors agreement. 


After the roof installment is complete, a project manager should meet with you to do a final walkthrough. Then, they can ensure the project meets your expectations. If anything falls short, they will send a repairman (subcontracted or in-house, depending on the company) out to do the repairs. 


A good roofing company’s top priority should be your happiness and the durability of your finished product. They shouldn’t compromise that by hiring subcontractors who would leave you with a low-quality roof. And if it does happen, they are responsible to fix it. 


4. Cost-Effective For Both You and the Company


Hiring subcontractors is less costly than regularly paying a full-time staff. Subcontractors don’t require benefits like employee insurance or bonuses. Additionally, roofing contractors only require subcontractors when the company needs help.


By keeping labor costs low with a subcontractor model, it means a lower price for the customer. You will still be paying for the high quality of workmanship and materials, but it is still considerably lower than paying for those and the cost of full-time employees.


Roofs are expensive, and budgets are tight. Subcontractors can help lower the overall cost of your roofing project while maintaining high quality. 


Is A Subcontractor Right For Me?


Doubts about subcontractors exist for a reason. But the only way to avoid a low-quality or negative roofing experience is to do your research. 


Using contractors doesn’t have to be a poor experience. Using the four factors, time, specialization, track-record quality, and pricing, you can determine whether a company can uphold your high standards- subcontractors or not. 


These four factors should apply to any great subcontractor and roofing company. Now you can use them to set your expectations for the company you hire. Question different companies, read reviews, and learn how they fit into these standards. 


At Rescue My Roof, we follow these standards to ensure that we produce high-quality work. If you think we’re the company for you, you can contact us today to receive your free estimate.