Ice Dam Removal to Protect Your Roof During Winter

When snow melts at the top of a roof, ice dams along the edge can prevent the water from entering the gutter system, causing it to pool on the roof. This is problematic because the water can then leak into your home and cause significant damage to your ceiling, walls, insulation, and more. Luckily, homeowners who live in the metro Milwaukee suburbs can turn to Rescue My Roof for ice dam removal.

How Ice Dam Remediation Works

Removing an ice dam from your home can be tricky, and improper removal practices can lead to roof damage, which is why you should call the roofing experts at Rescue My Roof. We use a state-of-the-art steam machine to safely and effectively remove all ice dams so that snowmelt can safely channel into your gutters and away from your home.

What If Damage From an Ice Dam Has Already Occurred?

While removing an ice dam right away is the best solution to prevent damage, sometimes you don’t notice an ice dam until the damage has already been done. Not to worry! When you turn to Rescue My Roof, we can also repair damage caused by ice dams, so you can rest easy knowing that your roof will be in tip-top condition for the duration of winter.

Want to Learn More?

To work with a company that can safely and effectively remove ice dams from your roof, choose the experts at Rescue My Roof. We are located in Butler, WI, and serve homeowners throughout the metro Milwaukee suburbs. Contact us today.