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Roof Maintenance

Can You Pressure Wash A Roof? (3 Tips for Roof Cleaning)

April 28, 2023 | 3 min. read

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It’s no secret that replacing your roof can be a significant financial investment. Ideally, spending thousands of dollars on a roof means it should last the life of your home.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A “lifetime” in the roofing industry is only 50 years. And this lifespan can be affected by weather, workmanship, and poor maintenance.

When you’ve invested so much in your roof, it can be upsetting to learn that it may not last. You already need to plan for so many other things – you don’t want to have to count on repairs or another replacement.

Rescue My Roof has done thousands of roof replacements in the past decade, and with every client, we have walked them through roof maintenance. Today, we are extending that education to you because we believe every homeowner should have a lasting roof.

Cleaning your roof and ensuring it’s free of debris and algae is a part of roof maintenance – but there are proper ways to do it. While pressure washing your roof may seem like a good idea, it can do more harm than good.

This article will discuss why pressure washing your roof is a no-go and some alternative methods. Ultimately, you’ll know how to clean your roof like a pro.

Can You Pressure Wash Your Roof?

Man pressure-washing a roof.

The short answer is no: you should not pressure wash your roof.

When homeowners want to clean their roofs, the first thing that comes to mind is a pressure washer to get all the dirt and grime.

While a pressure washer may be effective for washing away debris and dust, it also washes away the essential parts of your roof.

Because of the high pressure, pressure washers often take off granules and dirt. Granules are the top coating of your shingles and are the first line of defense against moisture seeping into your home.

Without the granules, your roof will not be as effective as it once was. And once you notice the bald spots, it’s time for a roof replacement.

Using a pressure washer can lead to early replacement or costly repairs—our advice is don’t use a pressure washer to ensure your roof’s longevity.

3 Tricks for Roof Cleaning

Roofs don’t need constant cleanings like your kitchen or bathroom, but it is ideal for checking on your roof occasionally.

We recommend cleaning your roof during the Spring or Fall. In the spring, you can inspect and clean your roof before it endures the wear and tear of the winter. In Fall, you clean away debris that could cause clogged gutters or algae growth.

Once you get a schedule down, here are some tips to use for cleaning your roof:

1. Use Cleaning Products Designed for Roofs

Did you know that there are products designed to clean your roof?

They are effective for cleaning your roof, treating mold and algae growth, and have easy-to-use instructions.

You can find a list of the top-rated roof cleaning products here.

2. Follow the Shingle Manufacturer’s Cleaning Directions

Man sweeping an asphalt roof.

There are times when cleaning your roof DIY style can result in voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.

If you are concerned about your roof warranty, check in with your shingle manufacturer to see what cleaning products or methods they recommend for their roofing system.

3. Hire A Roofing Contractor

Roofing contractors installing new metal panels.

While cleaning your roof can be a nice touch as a seasonal inspection, sometimes it’s also necessary for the roof’s health.

Have you ever noticed black streaks on someone’s roof? Algae growth can break down the asphalt shingle’s limestone and weaken the roof’s structural integrity over time.

If your roof has algae, it’s time for a cleaning and algaecide.

Roofing contractors can provide cleaning services and spray algaecide, leaving your roof sparkling and algae-free.

Additionally, if DIYing your roof cleaning will result in a voided warranty, it’s best to call the professionals. Check with your shingle manufacturer to see if it is against their policy.

Scheduling Professional Roof Cleaning

If you want to save money and clean your roof, follow proper safety precautions and avoid sudsy products and pressure washers. We also recommend finding a roof cleaning product and following the manufacturer’s instructions.

While we do not currently offer roof cleaning, you can always call Rescue My Roof for any asphalt or flat roof repairs/replacements. With over a decade of roof cleaning experience, Rescue My Roof serves homeowners in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Learn more about finding a reputable roofing contractor with “How to Ensure the Longevity of Your Roof” or “3 Ways to Clean Black Roof Stains.”

Ready to get started? Contact Rescue My Roof for a free estimate.