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What To Expect At Your Roof Estimation Appointment

September 27, 2021 | 7 min. read

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You’ve known for months that the time may be coming- you need a roof replacement. But every time you go to reach for your keyboard or phone, that worry crawls from your stomach up into your throat.

All of those nagging questions hit you at once. “What if I have to let a stranger into my home?” “How do I find out what I need for this meeting?” “I don’t have time to clean my living room- what if they judge me?”

The anxiety can be very real and very overwhelming. Going into an important meeting not knowing what to expect is enough to prevent you from ever picking up the phone to schedule it at all.

But you’re not alone. There are thousands of people who share those same worries. And we know because we’ve worked with them. The majority of our clients come to us with these same questions.

So today, we’re going to answer them for you. We’re going to walk you through the process from when you book your appointment, to the end of your estimation. 

Along the way, we’re going to talk about some of those major worry points- like if you have to let a stranger in your home- so you can go into an appointment for a roof estimate stress-free. In the end, your worries should be decimated knowing what to anticipate. 

Before Your Estimation Appointment

There is a gap period in between when you book your estimate appointment and when the sales representative will arrive at your home. How long is the period? Well, that depends on your schedule, and how far out the roofing company is booked. Typically this period is only a week or less.

So, you have a week to prepare. And if you’re already starting to go through that never-ending checklist of things to do- take a pause.

Before you begin to fret that you must clean your entire home to make it presentable (something that isn’t required) here’s a comprehensive list of things that you should focus on. 

1. Clearing A Pathway Through Your Home to the Attic

When the inspector or sales representative comes to your home, they are going to want to see two specific places: the exterior of your home, and the attic.

When walking the exterior with them, you can show them any problems that you can see on the outside. This will give them an idea of the extent of the damage to your roof. However, it’s difficult to see the full extent when they can’t look deeper than the shingles.

Taking a look in the attic space allows them to see if there’s any unknown water damage or leaks, or maybe even mold caused by poor ventilation (you can read more about how to spot ventilation issues here).

Additionally, it may give the inspector an idea of how much decking needs to be replaced. Replacing decking adds additional materials cost to the overall price of your roof. So if you want your estimate to be as accurate as possible, you’ll want to let the inspector into your attic space.

Clearing space in your home to ensure they have easy access to the attic will make the inspection process a lot faster. 

So if you feel the urge to clean your entire house, just know that the inspector is only really interested in your roof and attic space.

2. Having Awareness of Any Issues With Your Roof

Cracking shingles are another asphalt shingle issue

Chances are, you’ve called the professionals for a reason. You may have been experiencing leaks, seen water damage in your attic space, or noticed loose shingles and visible flashing on your roof.

Or maybe insurance just told you “hey, it may be time for a check-up.” Regardless of circumstance, it makes the inspection process a lot smoother if you are familiar with the issues your roof has.

When the inspector or sales representative arrives, they will walk around your home with you to scope out problem areas. While their trained eyes can see some damage, it’s best to collaborate with the homeowner to get a better idea of the situation. 

3. Doing Your Due Diligence

Education is important because it gives you control over the roofing experience that you deserve.

If you’re looking for a speedy appointment with your sales representative, the best way to achieve that is through research. Before they come to your home, familiarize yourself with the roofing process. 

What materials do you want on your roof, what factors influence the timeline and price of your roof, and whether or not you want a layover or a tear-off roof installation.

And, as a bonus, you can find all of the information you need right here with Rescue My Roof! 

Read the articles below to get a better idea of the entirety of a new roof installation:

4. Make Sure All Stakeholders Clear Their Schedules

Buying a new roof is a huge investment, and most likely you and your partner will have a lot of questions during the initial estimate appointment. 

To cover all the bases and once and make sure every stakeholder is adequately informed without much back-and-forth between yourself and the salespeople, many roofing companies will ask that you and your significant other be present at the meeting. 

If you are both unable to be there- don’t fret! It’s not a deal-breaker for the roofing company, just a request. You will still be able to schedule an appointment if you are the only one present. 

What To Expect During Your Roof Estimation

Now we get to the fun part- your roofing appointment!

When you don’t know what to expect, the appointment can loom over you during the days leading up to it like a storm cloud. With this information, you will have bright and sunny days ahead knowing what your experience will be like.

Before the Estimation Appointment 

Though you have a set appointment time, often you are not the only individual the sales representative is working with. They will likely give you a time window when they will arrive, and they will call you when they are on the way. 

During the phone call, they will give you an estimation of how long it will take for them to arrive at your home. If they are unable to reach you, they will leave a message. 


Once they arrive at your home, the work can begin. After introducing themselves to you and any present company, they will begin to walk along the outside of your home. 

This is the time where you can point out any issues you have noticed with your roof. Any leaks, areas where ice dams are common, or loose shingles. This will give the salesperson an idea of what exactly needs to be done to your roof, whether it’s a repair or a total roof replacement. 

Getting Access to the Attic

This is one of the few times your sales representative will have to enter your home. 

Black mold growing in an attic due to poor ventilation or a roof leak.
Mold growing in the attic space.

Again, to get an accurate estimate, they will have to gain access to the attic. Once they are there, they will evaluate the wood in your attic, see whether or not you have proper ventilation, and check out any discoloration that may be happening.

This allows them to see exactly how much work will have to be done to the very base layer of your roof. 

Calculating the Square Footage 

After you have done the walk-through with your sales representative, it’s time for them to calculate the square footage of your roof. Typically, this is not a portion where you will have to be present. 

Calculating the square footage of your roof can be done in one of two ways: an application is used to calculate it based on photos of your home, or the sales rep can manually measure it. 

Using an application on the phone is a less time-consuming action. Within minutes, your sales rep will have the square footage of your roof sent to them via. their respective app. This is not a service all companies utilize. However, it is the option we use during Rescue My Roof appointments. 

If the sales rep has to manually measure, it can take some time. Be prepared to have what seems like a little “break” inside your home while the representative conducts their work on the exterior of your home.

Putting Together the Estimate

To prepare and finish the estimate that will eventually get presented to you- your sales rep is going to crunch some numbers. 

Again, your presence is not needed for this. The sales representative will step out to their vehicle where all of their equipment is, and begin calculating it there.

They are going to factor in the labor, materials, and complexity of your roof to figure out the final cost of your roof. However, there will always be variations in this cost. Especially if you are still looking at options for different shingle materials, or what work needs to be completed after your existing roof has been torn off. 

However, the sales representative will go over all the options with you after they have tabulated everything, including the price ranges of different materials like shingles.

Presenting the Estimate

Apart from entering the home to access the attic, this is another instance where the sales representative may come into your home.

To present the estimate, you all can either take a seat in your seating area or at the table. Or depending on your preferences, you can take a step outside to go over all of the information.

At this time, the sales representative will go over the estimated cost, things that can cause it to fluctuate like different materials or unforeseen problems with decking, and walk you through warranty options.

Depending on the company, they may offer a lifetime workmanship warranty, a 50-year warranty, or other short-term warranties. Depending on how long you plan to stay in your home or your budget, you can choose whichever option suits you at the time of your appointment.

This will also be the time your sales representative is open to answer any questions. This is why it is ideal that all stakeholders are present so that any questions can be out in the open and they can be resolved at the appointment.

This portion of the appointment can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes depending on the complexity of the estimate, and any questions you may have. 

Signing the Contract

If you have decided that you are going forward with buying a roof for that particular company, you don’t have to wait for an additional meeting!

Many companies will have any paperwork and contracts available onsite so that you can sign with them the same day. After that, you will be officially in business with that company. They will be managing your roof repair or replacement. 

However, if you want to wait to get a few more estimates, don’t worry. You can book further time with your sales representative at a later date to seal the deal. 

Financing Options for a New Roof

When you have signed a contract at the estimation appointment, this is also the time that financing would be brought up. 

Financing is a form of payment that allows you to make payments over a set period, rather than paying for your roof in full. This is the most popular option amongst buyers.

Many companies, like Rescue My Roof, offer financing in-house through a third-party company. That means we deal directly with the company, managing your payments so you don’t have to do all of the heavy lifting.

However, if this doesn’t sound ideal to you, there are other financing options available. You can check out Six Ways to Pay for a Roof Replacement to see your additional options.

What Are My Next Steps After My Estimate?

Booking that initial estimate appointment can make anyone anxious. Not only are there a lot of questions clouding your mind, booking that first meeting means you are officially taking the first step to making a large investment in your home. 

But all of those anxiety-inducing questions, like “when will the salesperson have to enter my home?” Or “what exactly will this meeting look like?” Are the questions we answer nearly every day, and now we’ve revealed the answer to you without going through the trouble of a phone call. 

Now you know the outline of an estimation appointment. That means it’s officially time to take that leap and schedule your appointment today. 

If you live in the greater Milwaukee area, Rescue My Roof would love to be a part of your roofing journey.

You can contact us today to book your free estimate appointment or call our office at 262-330-6050.