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Ice Dams | Pricing

Ice Dam Removal Pricing (5 Factors Affecting Price)

December 7, 2022 | 3 min. read

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Keeping up with your roof in the winter is essential to avoid pesky leaks. But managing ice dams can be complex for homeowners to tackle. 

Managing ice dams is vital to avoid shingle damage and leaks once the weather warms up. But it can be a challenge to DIY without damaging your roof in the process. 

So, how much does hiring professionals to get rid of ice dams cost?

Rescue My Roof has been in the roofing industry for over a decade, helping homeowners deal with the nasty Wisconsin Winters. When it comes to ice dam remediation, we’re pros.

Today, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about one topic other roofing companies hate to discuss: ice dam remediation pricing. Ultimately, you’ll know how much you’ll have to budget to avoid risky DIYs and keep your roof safe in the winter. 

How Much Is Ice Dam Removal?

Close up of an ice dam covering a mesh gutter guard in the winter.

Ice dam removal services cost $300 – $1000. 

Many roofing companies will have a minimum price for an ice dam removal beginning at $300 – $400. After that, it will cost $300 per hour

However, not all roofing companies will charge the same prices. Ice dam removal prices vary based on five factors.

Five Factors Impacting Ice Dam Removal Pricing

While many companies will have a minimum price of $400 for an ice dam removal appointment, there will be an additional cost for an hourly rate. 

The hourly rate will vary based on the following five factors:

1. The Home’s Size

A mansion in the mountains covered in snow.

If you have a large home, there’s more square footage that can be affected by ice dams. The larger the home, the more labor-intensive ice dams become to remove.

The golden rule: the more ice = the more money you will spend. 

If you have a large home, it’s best to prevent ice dams to avoid expensive removal.

You can install heating cables to combat ice dam build-up, clean your gutters, and remove excess snow from your roof. 

2. Ice Dam Severity

Severe ice dam build-up covering the gutters.

If left untreated, ice dams can expand to the point where they cover a significant portion of your roof.

If this happens, not only is your roof’s health at stake, but it will be costly to remove.

The more severe the ice dam, the more time roofing professionals will spend to remove it. Going too fast could damage your roof’s shingles and lead to additional repairs. 

If you do have a severe ice dam, call a professional. They are equipped to tackle severe ice dams with removal methods that minimize roof damage. 

3. Supply and Demand

Winter can hit hard. When many homeowners are struggling with ice dams, local roofing companies may increase the rates of their removal services. 

The individual roofing company sets the prices, so getting multiple quotes is essential to find a fair price. 

Find a company that offers steam removal and doesn’t overcharge. This will protect your roof and your wallet. 

4. Roof Complexity

The size of your roof plays a role in the pricing, but the roof complexity can add more charges, too. 

When a roof has a lot of nooks and crannies that ice can creep into, it adds more time to the process. 

So while a complex roof won’t necessarily raise the hourly rate, it will add more hours to the process.

If you have a complex roof with major ice dam issues, you can expect an additional one to two hours to complete the job. 

5. Accessibility

Roof accessibility plays a significant role in the price of ice dam removal services. 

When you have landscaping, furniture, and lawn ornaments to work around or a multiple-story home, it can make it challenging for the contractors to access your roof.

The more time they spend maneuvering their equipment, the more money they can charge you for ice dam removal or repairs. 

Do You Need Ice Dam Removal?

Ice Dam covering the gutters.

One of the significant issues with ice dams is that they cause leaks.

When water freezes and expands underneath your shingles, it can easily find nail holes and other means of entry to your home. 

Additionally, ice dams can cause damage to your gutters. When your gutters freeze over, water runs down the exterior walls of your home and pools at the foundation.

Water can begin leaking into your basement, causing issues with mold and mildew and damaging your belongings.

When you notice signs of ice dams despite preventative measures like heating cables and ice rakes, it’s time to call a professional.

If you have homeowners insurance, contact them and discuss your policy. Insurance might cover repairs if severe weather conditions like -50 degrees caused the ice dam. 

You can learn more about ice dams with “Ice Dams: The Main Culprit of Winter Roof Issues” and “What Are Ice Dams?

Wisconsin winters can be brutal. Let Rescue My Roof keep your home safe with our ice dam removal services.
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