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5 Signs of Poor Roof Workmanship (and What To Do About It)

February 11, 2022 | 4 min. read

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Investing in a roof replacement can be a significant financial decision. That can make making decisions during the process difficult.


You don’t want to overspend, but you don’t want low-quality materials. You want to find one of the cheapest roofing companies, but you still want the job done well.


Juggling all the challenging thoughts and decisions when buying a roof can be stressful. And unfortunately, the stress can worsen when we discover the job was not done how we intended. 


Are you worried that the contractor you chose didn’t do the job correctly? You’re in the right place.


For over a decade, Rescue My Roof has serviced the greater Milwaukee area and helped homeowners like you who have struggled through the roof replacement process.


We make sure to educate homeowners so that they can make the best decisions possible for their homes and families.


If you are worried that you’ve been taken advantage of or had your roof installed improperly – don’t worry. We will break down the signs of a poor roof replacement here. 


This way,  if you have had your roof replacement installed with poor quality, you will know the following steps to take to keep your home safe and ease your headache. 


The Top Five Signs of Poor Roof Installation


When you are finally done with a roof replacement, it may be difficult to tell whether or not you got enough bang for your buck. 


When a roof replacement is finished, it will typically look good even if it was installed incorrectly. However, you may notice different things beginning to go wrong over time.


Here are some of the warning signs that your roof was done with poor workmanship:


1. Missing Shingles


Over time, you may notice missing shingles on your roof.


There is not just one cause of missing shingles. There could be damage to the decking that would cause shingles to fall off. Additionally, severe weather could blow off shingles.


However, if you do not live in an area known for severe storms or the shingles begin to blow off within months of a roof replacement, it may be caused by poor workmanship. 


Not all roofing companies are made equal. There are manufacturer-certified contractors who use manufacturer-tested and approved methods to install roofs, and then there are contractors who haven’t earned the certification. 


Finding a manufacturer-certified contractor could be the difference between having a high-quality roof and a roof that will not withstand the test of time. 


Want to avoid missing shingles as a result of poor workmanship? Find a manufacturer who is certified in the roofing system they install. This could save you money in repairs down the road. 


2. Roofing Shingles Where Shingles Are Not Meant to Be


Finding the right roof for your home is essential. It can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your roof.


For many American households, an asphalt roof is the most popular option. However, depending on the pitch of your roof, a shingled roof may not be the best option.


If your roof has a shallow pitch, it may be best to install a flat roof. 


If a company has installed shingles where a flat roof would be better, that is a sign of poor workmanship that will eventually result in repairs. 


3. Reused Materials


The purpose of a roof replacement is  to replace the materials on your roof.


The practice sounds simple, but lower-quality roofing contractors will reuse materials like shingles and flashings to save on material costs. 


How can you tell if materials are reused? Here’s what to look for:


– Ripples in the metal flashings

– Aggravation around the flashing area

– Shingles not being uniform

– Wrong size nails

– Extra caulk

– Visible nails


If you notice any of these issues, contact your roofing company immediately. The best option for your home and roof’s efficiency is correcting the affected areas. 


4. Your Roof is Not Uniform


When you’re upgrading your roof, a bonus is added curb appeal. But if a company cannot deliver on its promises of a high-quality roof, your roof may end up in even more rough shape.


When companies try to skimp on materials, your shingles could be compromised. They will find cheaper shingles or even reuse some of the previous roof’s materials.


That is why when you spot a roof where there is a great difference in quality between one patch of shingles to another; you should raise red flags.


When you notice your roof is looking patchy, contact your roofing contractor. If you were not delivered the quality they promised, they should help you remedy the issue. 


5. Improper Nailing Techniques


To ensure a roof will do its job and protect your home from leaks, the right type of nails have to be used. 


This includes the correct type, size, and grade. 


Additionally, the nails must be driven in correctly. An underdriven nail won’t penetrate through the decking, and an overdriven nail will cut into the shingle. Both of these issues increase the risk of a leak. 


Finding a trustworthy company with a manufacturer certification should help avoid this issue. Additionally, look at reviews and references to know the quality of other homeowners’ experiences. 


What To Do When There’s Poor Workmanship On Your Roof?


We’ve covered the five signs you need to keep an eye out for when it comes to poor workmanship. This begs the question – what’s next?


When you notice the signs of poor workmanship, what steps do you follow to fix it? 


Luckily, many roofing companies offer workmanship warranties that cover any repairs related to these five issues. This warranty will not cover the costs of materials or dumpster fees, but it will cover labor costs. 


Unfortunately, there will still be costs associated with repairs. Manufacturer warranties only cover repairs if the product fails. If it is a workmanship issue, then the warranty is voided. 


To avoid this issue altogether, we recommend finding a contractor that is reputable and trustworthy. 


Need help finding the right contractor for you? Read “9 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor.” 

Rescue My Roof has been a reputable roofing company servicing the greater Milwaukee area for over a decade. If you want your roof replacement done right, you can contact us today to get a free estimate.