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7 Signs You Need a Gutter Replacement

January 18, 2023 | 3 min. read

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Having a maintenance-free home would be a dream – but unfortunately, as a homeowner, maintenance is a part of the deal. 

Your home will age, and components like roofs, gutters, and siding will need to be updated over time. 

Is it time for your home to receive an upgrade? 

Rescue My Roof has handled everything from gutters to roofs to siding – and we’re here to teach you signs that your home may need repair. 

We’ll tell you the top seven signs that your gutters need to be replaced. Ultimately, you’ll have a better idea of whether your home needs rescuing. 

Top 7 Signs Your Gutters should be Replaced

You deserve a home that keeps your family safe. Without effective gutters, leaks and water damage could lead to costly repairs.

Here are the seven signs to look out for. When you see them, it’s time for a gutter replacement.

1. Rust

Rusty metal gutters.

Rust and corrosion on your gutters is the final blow – once the rust starts, it’s impossible to stop.

Rust indicates that your gutter’s protective coating has worn out and is near the end of its life. Unfortunately, the rust will worsen, leading to more significant leaks. 

When your gutters leak, water pools at your home’s foundation, leading to leaks in the basement and further costly damage.

The only way to stop the leaks from harming your home’s foundation is to replace the gutters before significant damage is done.

2. Peeling Paint

A closeup of gutters with peeling paint.

Your gutters have a paint coating to withstand tremendous wear and tear. Gutters take on season after season of severe weather, temperature changes, direct sunlight, and wind. 

But gutters aren’t made to last forever. As they age, the paint may begin to peel. 

Peeling paint signifies that the protective coating on your gutters is worn out, leaving the metal to fend for itself until you install new gutters.

3. Visible Cracking

Water leaking down from cracked gutters.

Some signs of gutter damage are hard to spot – but visible cracking is an obvious sign. 

Once a crack appears, the entire gutter system becomes virtually useless. If water seeps through the cracks, it isn’t redirected away from your home, pooling water around your foundation.

Some small cracks can be patched, but cracks that wrap around the entirety of the gutter signal that they need to be replaced. 

Schedule an appointment with a trusted roof expert to learn more.

4. Bending

Bent gutters.

When debris collects in your gutters, it significantly strains the entire system. The weight will stay manageable if you take the time to clean your gutters.

Eventually, your gutters will bend under the weight and could rip away from the house. 

If you don’t replace bent gutters, they’ll continue to bend and pour water over the sides. Additionally, your gutter system is at risk of collapse.

Replacing your gutters is the safest way to ensure your home is safe from leaks and moisture damage.

5. Mildew Around Your Home

Black stains on siding caused by mildew growth.

Not all signs of gutter damage are found on the gutters themselves. When gutters have been leaking for a long time, you might notice mildew growing around the foundation of your home or attic space.

If you notice mildew beginning to take form, you should take action. Schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible, then remove the mildew and mold from your home.

6. Pooling Water

Water pooling at the foundation of a brick school building.

Have you noticed large puddles of water surrounding your home? Is there a significant amount of water sloping down your property after a storm?

If so, it’s a sign that your gutters are clogged or have a crack. 

Inspect your gutters to ensure there’s no significant clogging. If they’re clear, it’s a sign your gutters are compromised and need to be replaced.

7. Water Stains

Water stains on siding from leaking gutters.

Cracks in your gutters can be small and hard to spot. Or, they could be located on the side closest to the home, making them hard to notice.

However, one glaring sign of cracked gutters is water marks running along the sides of your home. 

If you see water stains, then you need to have the gutters replaced. Constant water down your home will lead to mildew growth – and you may eventually have to replace the siding too. 

Getting a Gutter Estimate

Gutters are essential to redirect water away from your home, protecting it from foundation damage, leaks, and mildew growth. 

If your gutters are cracked, peeling, rusting, or bending, you need to get them replaced immediately. 

Start contacting your local roofing contractors to collect multiple estimates. To learn more, read “3 Things to Compare When Looking at Multiple Roof Estimates” and “How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your Gutters?” 
Are you looking for a roofing contractor in Southeastern Wisconsin? Rescue My Roof is here to help. Contact us today to get a free roof estimate.