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Shingle Styles

The Top 5 Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers

December 29, 2021 | 3 min. read

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One of the hardest decisions you can make about your roof is picking the right shingle style and color that suits your home.


But there’s a hidden challenge you may not even consider before diving into a roof replacement: shingle manufacturers. 


There are hundreds of shingle manufacturers that make different materials and grades of shingles.


Not every manufacturer is going to deliver the same quality. You must research a manufacturer before finding a contractor certified to install their shingles.


Rescue My Roof has been in the roofing industry for over a decade, working with people stuck on choosing the right shingle manufacturer.


We helped them, and we’ll help you too.


We’ve made a list of the top 5 best shingle manufacturers available in the U.S., so you know the best people to go to for roof replacement materials. 


The 5 Best Shingle Manufacturers


Are you looking for a shingle manufacturer to give your home that dazzling finish? Look no further.


Here are the top five shingle manufacturers you need to know about:


1. Atlas Pinnacle Pristine


Atla Pinnacle- an asphalt shingle manufacturerAtlas was founded in 1982 with a mission to be the leading provider of high-quality roofing materials. 


Their mission led to the launch of Atlas Pinnacle shingles, which come with Scotchgard protection that keeps their color vibrant for a lifetime. 


These shingles come with a manufacturer warranty to protect against manufacturing defects. Additionally, they are wind resistant up to 130 miles per hour. 


Pinnacle shingles come in 19 color options that will give you a lot of variety to choose from.


You can learn more about Atlas Pinnacle shingles here.


2. CertainTeed Landmark Pro 


CertainTeed shingle manufacturerCertainTeed uses its unique shingle design to add a finished look to your home.


Not only do Landmark Pro shingles come in max definition colors and excellent durability, but you can also get a luxury-looking shingle for an affordable price. 


Landmark Pro shingles have two laminated layers to imitate the look of wood shakes without the high cost. 


They have a class A fire-resistance coating, come with a lifetime warranty, and have a StreakFighter warranty to protect against algae.


Some colors may be unavailable in the greater Milwaukee area due to Covid-19 restrictions. Check with your contractor to know your options.


Want to learn more about the CertainTeed Landmark Pro? Click here.


3. Owens Corning Duration Series


Owens Corning- an asphalt shingle manufacturerOwens Corning provides high-quality shingles with incredible durability. This means they are made to last and will keep your home safe for a lifetime.


The Duration Series shingles feature SureNail Technology, using a wide, highly visible fabric strip in the nailing area.


The design allows for a “no guess” nailing zone and more enforcement in the nailing zone, so your roof will look great and stay water-tight. 


Owens Corning also provides a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home, and the shingles are guaranteed for up to 130 miles per hour winds. 


Learn more about Owens Corning Duration Series shingles here


4. IKO Dynasty


IKOThese laminated high-quality performance shingles will help protect your home and family.


The Armourzone technology allows for a wider nailing zone. This makes installation easier and far more accurate and decreases the chance of repairs due to poor workmanship. 


IKO Dynasty shingles are larger than other shingles with their “Advantage” size, giving your home a more dramatic look compared to other shingle manufacturers. 


Choose from 15 color options here


5. GAF Timberline HDZ


GAF HDZ shingles offer great value, peak performance, and a dimensional look to your home. 


With the Timberline shingles, you can achieve an architecture style look for an affordable price – and it comes with a lifetime warranty.


HDZ shingles also offer StainGuard Algae Protection to prevent unsightly discoloration, LayerLock Technology to fuse shingles, and a wind warranty. 


You can learn more about GAF’s impressive shingle options here.


How to Choose The Right Shingle Manufacturer for You


Rescue My Roof has done the research to guarantee you will get the best bang for your buck with these top five manufacturers. 


While we know their shingles have good nailing zones and warranties that make them good choices, here are some other options you should consider while picking the right manufacturer for you. 


  1. The shingle weight – the heavier and thicker the shingle, the more durable it is. Heavier shingles will have a longer lifespan. 
  2. Nailing zones – nail zones are where two shingles overlap. Having solid and wider nail zones prevents shingles from being blown off. 
  3. Contractor Certification – find a certified contractor in installing whatever shingle manufacturer you choose. This will ensure high-quality workmanship. 


If asphalt shingles don’t seem like the right fit for you, don’t fret. Learn more about other shingle options with “3 Things You Need to Know About Cedar Shake Roofs” and “Are Composite Shingles Right For You?”


Live in the greater Milwaukee area and are looking for an Atlas-certified contractor? Rescue My Roof is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your free roof estimation.