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Shingle Styles

2022 Top 5 Shingle Colors

October 26, 2022 | 2 min. read

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Buying a new roof involves many hard decisions, like setting a budget and deciding on a contractor. So we’ll dive into the fun part – picking a shingle color!

Rescue My Roof has been helping homeowners choose the best shingles for their roofs for over a decade. Today, we will walk you through their top picks.

In the end, you’ll know the top 5 colors that might be the perfect pick for your home.

Atlas’ Best Shingle Colors of 2022

While deciding on a roof color can be challenging, fortunately for you, other homeowners have tackled the task. We’ll walk you through their top picks to help you choose the right one for your home. 

In no particular order, here are the top five shingle colors of 2022.

1. Pristine Pewter

A Wisconsin home with newly installed Pristine Pewter shingles.

Pristine Pewter is the dark gray neutral color of your dreams.

Want a muted color without going too dark? Pristine Pewter will help you achieve your desired look. 

Pristine Pewter  is the darkest gray color Atlas has to offer. And it has a comprehensive warranty for algae resistance, high wind damage, and manufacturer defects. 

2. Pristine Black

Atlas Pristine Black shingles on a roof.

Pristine Black offers a moody color that looks good with any color scheme. 

Do you want a color that will look good in any neighborhood? Pristine Black may be the color for you.

And, as with all Atlas Pinnacle Shingles, it has protections against high-wind speeds up to 130 mph.  

3. Morning Harvest

Morning Harvest Atlas shingles.

Do you enjoy earth tones? Give your home an upgrade with Morning Harvest.

Morning Harvest features Scotchgard protection against algae, preventing ugly black streaks and stains on your roof.

4. Pristine Weathered Wood

Pristine Weathered Wood

Weathered Wood is a subdued color that blends in with any color scheme. 

Many homeowners’ worst nightmare is sticking out like a sore thumb in their neighborhoods. With Pristine Weathered Wood, that won’t be a problem.

You can achieve an upgraded curb appeal while blending in seamlessly in any neighborhood. 

5. Copper Canyon

Not feeling a monotone roof color? Copper Canyon features browns and subdued green tones that add dimension to your roof. 

Copper Canyon also has long-lasting protection and a lifelong warranty protecting against manufacturer defects.

Schedule A Roof Replacement With An Atlas-Certified Contractor

While finding the right shingle color is an important choice, the next step is to find an Atlas-certified contractor. 

When looking for a roofing contractor, it’s essential to find a contractor with good reviews, insurance, and a solid portfolio.

You can learn more about the questions you should ask during your search with “9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor.”

Additionally, you can download our Buyer’s Guide to help guide you through the entire roofing process. 

If you’re looking for an Atlas-certified contractor in Southeastern Wisconsin, we’re here to help. Schedule a free roof estimate with Rescue My Roof.