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Your roof takes the brunt of damage when a storm rolls through. While some signs of damage, like broken shingles caused by a fallen tree limb, are obvious, others are not. 

You deserve to be confident you have a roof that will keep your family safe and secure for a lifetime. That's why Rescue My Roof has offered free roof estimates to homeowners for over a decade. 

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Why Is Roof Inspection Important?

Any damage to your roof should be repaired right away to prevent the damage from spreading. To fully learn the extent of the damage, a qualified roofing expert should look over every shingle looking for issues. With a thorough roof inspection, all areas that need repair can be identified.

Support for the Insurance Claims Process

By documenting our findings from the roof inspection, we’ll help you be better prepared for the claims process with your homeowners insurance company. It’s vitally important that all compromised areas of your roof are clearly outlined, and you can trust that our knowledgeable experts will find all problem areas in need of repair. With us, your insurance company will have no trouble justifying your claim.

Professional Roof Repair Services

Once the roof inspection is complete and your insurance company approves the repairs, we’ll get to work restoring your roof to tip-top condition. With over a decade in the industry, we are the roof repair experts that local homeowners in Wisconsin trust for excellent workmanship.

New Roof, Bright Future

Protect your home for a lifetime.

As licensed roof repair contractors, we’ve seen it all when it comes to roof damage caused by strong winds, heavy rain, hail, falling trees, and old age. With us, you’ll receive: 

  • Award-winning Atlas products
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Warranties that protect your home for a lifetime


The Roofing Process

Here's How We Do It

Your roof should be capable of keeping your home and family safe. But you have an old or damaged roof, and instead of feeling confident - you feel stressed and overwhelmed. 

Rescue My Roof can provide a stress-free roof replacement. Here’s how we do it:

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