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How to Break Down A Roof Estimate (with Sample)

March 22, 2023 | 2 min. read

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When you’re searching for the perfect roofing company, you’re going to need multiple estimates.

But when you get those estimates, what should you look for? What should an estimate look like?

Rescue My Roof has been a leading expert and educator in the roofing industry for over a decade, helping homeowners like you make the best decisions for their homes. Today, we will walk you through a sample estimate to help you feel confident about your roof estimation appointment.

Ultimately, you’ll know what an estimate should look like, what to keep an eye out for, and be able to find the perfect roofing contractor.

What’s Included In A Roof Estimate?

A roof estimate should include what parts you need to repair or replace your roof and describe why those items are needed. Additionally, your estimate will feature the total cost of the roofing job.

Many roofing contractors do not use an itemized list in their estimates that would give you the price points of every necessary material. However, if the homeowner makes a request, it can be done. It may be sent after the initial roof estimate, as it will take time to break down the prices.

A Breakdown of a Roofing Estimate Sample

A roof estimate lists all the materials and final roof replacement or repair costs. To the right is a sample of an estimate sent by Rescue My Roof.

The bulk of your estimate will be the items listed in a table format, with a description of why they’re needed directly to the right of them. Prices may also be included in this section if requested by the homeowner.

All estimates will vary depending on the contractor. However, you may also want to look for things regarding payment plans, down payments, and warranties. For Rescue My Roof, those additional details are listed at the bottom.

If warranties, budget contingency plans, and other details are not included in your estimate, speak to your roofing specialist to resolve any issues or worries.

Take on Your Next Roof Replacement

The cost of a new roof may seem pricey, but as you can see here, it varies due to many factors. The bigger the roof, the more complex it is, or the more expensive materials you choose will cause the overall price to increase.

Keep in mind prices will always vary from company to company. That’s why we recommend getting several estimates to determine the right contractor.

Learn more about getting started with your roof replacement with “3 Things to Compare When Looking at Multiple Roof Estimates” and “What to Expect At Your Roof Estimation Appointment.” 

Additionally, you can download our Buyer’s Guide to learn everything you need to know about buying a new roof.

Are you looking for an estimate in the greater Milwaukee area? You’ve come to the right place. Rescue My Roof has dedicated a decade in the roofing industry to helping homeowners achieve their perfect roof.
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