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How the Covid-19 Pandemic has Impacted the Roofing Industry

February 25, 2022 | 4 min. read

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Since March 2020, we have all had to navigate a worldwide pandemic. As the world has endured wave after wave of Covid-19, you may have noticed some changes in the roofing industry that have made you uneasy.


It’s hard to navigate price changes and supply shortages with ease when companies aren’t transparent. And when you need a new roof, this is just an added obstacle you’ll have to face.


At Rescue My Roof, we understand that buying a new roof was challenging even before Covid and is more so now. We want you to feel comfortable buying a roof that will keep your home and family safe.


In this article, we’re going to help you understand some of the challenges impacting the roofing industry since the start of the pandemic. In the end, it should help you better navigate the industry and purchase the roof of your dreams worry-free. 


Four ways Covid-19 Has Affected the Roofing Industry


We’ve all seen the price increases and shortages that have impacted our grocery stores and shopping malls. But how do those same struggles translate to other industries?


Here are some of the top ways the pandemic has affected roofing companies:


1. Covid’s Impact on Shingle Manufacturing


The Pandemic impact Shingle ManufacturingMany shingle manufacturing companies have been unable to produce many shingle colors due to the effects of the pandemic. 


During the pandemic, shingle manufacturers had issues getting the raw materials to make every color they typically manufacture. Some of the raw materials were in short demand, or they were stuck in limbo due to a lack of truck drivers and the price of fuel.


When manufacturers could not get the materials necessary to make their products, they cut back on excessive production. 


For example, Rescue My Roof uses Atlas products in our roof installation. While Atlas once offered a myriad of different colors, they now only manufacture nine of them.


So if you’ve been searching for a ton of shingle color options, you might be coming up short. 


However, this is an issue companies are hoping won’t last forever. They are optimistic that production should be back to their average product base by the end of 2022. 


2. Raw Material Shortages


The pandemic impacted roofing by creating a raw material shortage

Manufacturers typically get their raw materials to produce shingles from other suppliers. But during the pandemic, the shingle manufacturers themselves weren’t the only companies to face setbacks. 


The companies that manufacture the raw materials had to shut down production at the beginning of the pandemic, even when demand was increasing due to DIY home projects. 


And when the companies were able to start production again, they could not manufacture at the same speeds due to a worker shortage, fuel prices, and transportation issues. 


When the raw materials are unavailable, other products necessary for a roof replacement cannot be made or go up in price. 


If you’ve noticed price increases and long wait times for materials, this could be why.


3. Covid Supply and Demand Challenges


As previously mentioned, manufacturing shut down at the beginning of the pandemic. 


Typically, companies have a busy season and then downtime. During the slower season, they will build up a surplus of materials and then use it during the busy season.


However, during the pandemic, when everyone was stuck at home, the demand for home improvement materials went up despite traditionally being a slow season for the manufacturers. 


Additionally, manufacturing shut down during this time. So once the manufacturers had used up their surplus stock, they could not meet consumer demands. 


Now that companies can manufacture materials again, that doesn’t mean the coast is clear. Many companies are still unable to manufacture at the same speeds before the pandemic, and they are in a constant state of catch-up.


If you’ve wondered why products haven’t been hitting the shelves as often or why their prices have increased drastically, it is because companies are still trying to meet the public’s demands. 


4. Price Increases During the Pandemic


The price of raw materials in the roofing industry has skyrocketed during the pandemic. 


Necessary materials like lumber and metal have gone up dramatically in price. This is mainly due to shortages in the industry.


However, this is an issue that directly affects homeowners. When manufacturers raise the prices on materials, that is a cost that is ultimately passed down to the homeowner as roofing contractors try to maintain their profit margins. 


What Can Homeowners Do About Price Increases?


The best way to avoid price increases is to lock in your price now. 


If you are waiting until the warmer months to get a roof replacement, the odds are that prices may continue to go up. You can lock in the current prices with your roofing company by signing the contract now.


This allows your roofing contractor to order the materials at their current price and then hold onto them until the scheduled installation date.


Otherwise, you could wait until you’re ready to get started on the planning process. Just be prepared to handle the rising costs of materials.


How Long Will The Effects of the Pandemic Last?


The honest answer is: no one knows. 


However, many companies are hopeful that when it comes to supply shortages, they can produce at the levels they were before the pandemic struck. 


As for prices, those typically go up approximately three to four percent every year. While we have seen severe inflation, the rates of rising prices may level out once more once manufacturers are back on their feet.


If you need a roof replacement and don’t want to encounter some of the pricing issues – don’t wait. You can learn more about getting started with “What to Expect at Your Roof Estimation Appointment.”

If you’re located in Southeastern Wisconsin and are ready to start, you can contact Rescue My Roof today for a free, fast, and honest roof evaluation.