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3 Reasons You Need To Be At Your Roof Estimate

January 11, 2023 | 3 min. read

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Hearing the news you need a roof replacement isn’t just daunting financially – it can be another dreaded “to-do” added to the never-ending list of busy-bodies. 

There’s one thing most busy people do well: delegate. When it’s time to replace your roof, it may be tempting to task your roommates or significant other with handling the appointment of the roofing estimate. After all, who has the time? 

But when all decision-makers aren’t present at the roof estimate, things can get confusing and essential details are lost in translation.

Rescue My Roof has been working with homeowners for over a decade, educating them to make the best decisions for their homes. Our first tip is that anyone making roof decisions should be at the estimate appointment. 

To have the smoothest roofing experience, everyone making decisions should be at the appointment to learn the process. 

Here are the three reasons all decision-makers should be at the roof estimate appointment. Ultimately, you’ll want to search for ways to include the appointment in your schedule.  

Do You Need to Be Present for a Roof Estimate?

Two roofing contractors hammering nails on an asphalt roof.

The short answer is yes; all decision-makers should be present for a roof estimate.

Who are the decision-makers? If you are involved in the roofing process at all: paying for it, deciding the color, or you’re the homeowner, it’s beneficial for you to be at the estimated appointment.

Your sales representative will go over the entire roof installation process, from signing the contract to the complete walkthrough. If you’re not present, you may miss valuable information that’s hard for your partner to recount accurately. 

Here are three reasons everyone needs to be present during a roof estimate. 

1. Contractors Can Answer Questions Directly

The roofing process can be long and confusing. You’re bound to have a few questions about how everything will go. 

It’s easy to hand a list of questions off to your significant other. But as a result, you may have follow-up questions that won’t be answered immediately, or your partner may have difficulty accurately conveying all of the information.

You must be there in person to ask them to ensure nothing gets lost in translation and all your questions are answered. 

2. Gain A Better Understanding of the Roofing Process

Installing a new roof is more than just picking a new shingle color and paying. There’s financing, comparing estimates, and steps to complete before and after a replacement to ensure your roof is worth the financial investment. 

If this is your first time dealing with a roofing contractor, it can be hard to know the next steps. When you’re at the roof estimate, your sales representative will cover all bases, so you’re ready and confident to tackle your roofing project.

If you miss the appointment, you miss this valuable information. And while you can always find information online, it’s best to be in person to get first-hand education and ask questions. 

3. Learn of Potential Problems

Roof decking being installed on a new roof.

Not all roofing jobs go smoothly. 

There are always issues that can pop up during the roofing process. You might have moisture damage that requires decking replacement or mold growth that needs to be addressed.

These issues can cost more. And if you weren’t at the estimation appointment, you might not know that ahead of time. 

When you learn of the issues that can arise ahead of time, you can make a contingency plan with your contractor should they find additional damage. 

What Happens If You Can’t Be At The Roof Estimate?

Life can get in the way, and making time for every appointment isn’t always possible. 

If you can’t be at the roof estimate appointment, ensure there is someone you trust to take your place. 

Give them a list of questions, have them take notes and record responses, and be ready to communicate with the contractor outside of the meeting.

Additionally, you can find more information in a Buyer’s Guide that may answer your questions. 

Contractors will also leave materials that cover topics they discuss during the meeting. These educational materials are invaluable when learning about your upcoming roof replacement. 

Take advantage of every opportunity to get involved and educated on roof replacements. 

Scheduling Your Roof Estimate

Homeowners working with a roofing contractor during a roof estimate appointment.

The first step to making time for your estimation appointment is booking an available time. 

Contact your local roofing companies to schedule meetings with a roof inspector. They will plan a time and come out to inspect your roof and deliver an estimate. 

While it’s recommended that all decision-makers be present at the roof estimate (to get their questions answered thoroughly and accurately), we understand that’s not always possible.

Communicate with your contractor, leave a list of questions for your partner, and take advantage of additional educational materials to make your roof replacement a success. 

Do you want to learn more about the roofing process? Read “What To Expect At Your Roof Estimation Appointment” and “How Much Does A Roof Replacement Cost.” 
Are you looking for a local roofing contractor in Southeastern Wisconsin? You’ve come to the right place. Schedule a free roof estimate with Rescue My Roof today.