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Can You Repair A Multi-Layer Roof? (4 Tips to Stop Leaks)

January 27, 2023 | 3 min. read

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A roof layover might seem the best option to upgrade your home’s curb appeal.

But roof layovers cause complications in the long run. When your roof begins to leak, it may be more challenging to fix than you realize.

For over a decade, Rescue My Roof has been educating homeowners throughout the buying process, empowering them to make the best decisions for their homes. We’ve walked homeowners through the pros and cons of getting a roof layover – and now it’s time to learn the consequences.

This article will answer the question, “can I repair a multi-layer roof?” Ultimately, you’ll not only know whether or not repairs are possible, but you’ll better understand the next steps to take. 

Can You Repair A Roof with Two or More Layers of Shingles?

While you can replace missing shingles on a roof with multiple layers of shingles, you cannot repair roof leaks, flashing, or other damage. 

Homeowners commonly notice leaks only when they see interior damage to drywall or their attic space. However, the interior damage rarely directly correlates to a spot on the roof. 

Many times, leaks will not occur directly above where you see moisture damage but rather around penetrations like chimneys and exhaust vents. 

If multiple layers of shingles cover the leaking areas, it can be hard to diagnose and repair. Additionally, most roofing companies will not guarantee their work because, with multiple shingle layers, a repair is less likely to be effective. 

It’s also important to note when shingles are torn off to make repairs, they cannot be built back up to multiple layers, meaning you might see dips in areas on your roof with a single layer of shingles. 

If Roof Repairs Aren’t Possible, What’s Next?

Repairs aren’t possible if you have a roof with two or more layers of asphalt shingles. However, there are other solutions you can take to minimize damage. 

1. Patching Your Roof with Cement

homeowner repairing a roof with black roof cement.

Roofing cement is a strong material made of ground asphalt. It’s used to fix holes, leaks, and other roofing issues. 

If you have found an area where water is getting through, you can use roofing cement to patch up the area. 

2. Cover Roof Damage with Tarps

You can use a barrier, like tarps, to cover suspected leaks and prevent further water damage. 

To secure the tarps to your roof, you should use heavy weights like sandbags and avoid using nails or staples. Creating more penetrations in the roof will only create more ways for water to get in. 

3. Caulk Around Chimneys, Vents, and Pipes

Homeowner caulking around roof PVC pipe.

All penetrations in your roof, like chimneys, vents, pipes, and more, are typically the cause of leaks.

When a roof is installed, flashing is a thin piece of metal installed around the penetrations to create a water-tight seal. Over time, the metal can pull away or rust, leading to leaks. 

If you suspect a leak around your chimney or ventilation, you can re-caulk around the base to keep water out.

4. Call Your Local Roofing Company

When dealing with an asphalt roof with two or more layers, finding and repairing a leak becomes impossible. 

While you can take action to avoid further damage, the best step is to call a roofing contractor. Ultimately, it’s more likely that a replacement is needed, and a contractor will need to step in. 

Most roofing companies offer free inspections. You can take advantage of this to diagnose the leak, see if repairs are possible, and get an estimate. 

Finding A Contractor For Roof Repairs

It can be almost impossible to fix if you have a roof with two or more layers and notice roof leaks.

While you can use roofing cement, caulk, and tarps to avoid further damage, ultimately, you will need a roof replacement. 

You can learn more about getting estimates with “3 Things to Compare When Looking at Multiple Roof Estimates” and “What To Expect At Your Roof Estimation Appointment.” 

Do you live in Southeastern Wisconsin? Rescue My Roof is here to save the day. 

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